Editing & Formatting services

  1. Line edits and proof reading
    A comprehensive correction of spelling and typos, capitalization uses and misuses, punctuation, basic grammar, spacing, etc.
  2. Copyedits
    Proofreading, PLUS suggestions on flow, writing tight, scene transitions, and plot holes.
  3. Formatting
    You'd like to self-publish your novel or non-fiction book, but don't have a clue how to format it for Kindle. Or maybe navigating the ins and outs of publishing a print book through CreateSpace or Kindle Direct Publishing baffles you. Turn your manuscript over to Heaven's Touch. We'll get it through the rigors of the formatting jungle, so you can start selling books!
  4. Samples
    A complimentary sample edit or rewrite (up to 3 double-spaced pages, or 750 words) will show you what I can do for you, and help me provide an estimate for the project fee and length of time it will take to complete. I use Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature. (See screen shot below.) If you're not familiar with Track Changes, it would be advisable to take a course or have a friend help you with the basics. I do not do hard-copy edits. Please double space your manuscript, use 12-point Times New Roman font, and set your page margins to 1-inch all around. My fees are based on this formatting schedule. Any deviance could result in a fee increase. No erotica, porn, graphic violence, etc. I retain the right to refuse any project.

Sample edit using Track Changes feature