Angel Falls. A quaint little fictional town in East Texas, tucked right up against the gorgeous (and very real) Angelina National Forest. Just outside Angel Falls is a piece of property owned by a crusty (and sometimes crotchety) bachelor named Andrew Hart. This taciturn elderly gentleman has a reputation...folks think he sees angels. Talks with them too. Hart's not about to verify that rumor, but then, he doesn't deny it either.

Hanging above the big double gates fronting this piece of East Texas real estate, a rustic wooden sign catches the eye of passers by. The sign reads: HEART'S HAVEN. It is said there's a story behind that sign...

On the land behind Hart's huge home are eight small cottages, arranged loosely in the shape of a heart -- if one were to look down on the complex from above, that's what they'd see. Seems the old guy has a bit of romance in his bones, despite his mysterious bachelor status. 

Each unit is fronted by a gate, over which curves a trellised arch. In season, luscious flowers grace those curved entrances. But even when the flowers die out for the year, a pretty little sign hangs above each gate. MAY LOVE FIND ALL WHO ENTER HERE, it proclaims. They're words old Hart borrowed from his grandmother, Lily Hart's hand-stitched tapestry. Lily must have prayed over every stitch, because it is a fact that love almost always does find folks brave enough to pass through the gates of HEART'S HAVEN.

Are you one of those daring souls? If so...the gate's open...come on in.
Each Heart's Haven Collection consists of four books. Each book is written by one of the four Heart's Haven authors: Delia Latham, Tanya Stowe, Marianne Evans and Mary Manners.
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Dawni Manors is happy to see San Antonio in her rearview mirror. In search of peace, she rents a unit at Heart’s Haven, a quaint cottage-rental complex in East Texas. The place is said to be a hangout for angels—and for love. Dawni's not looking for love, and she's not convinced angels exist. What she yearns for, after a chaotic childhood as an orphan, is tranquility and hope. Maybe she'll find those things at Heart’s Haven.

Instead, she finds Pro Cowboy Gavin Sampson, an abandoned infant, and a whole lot of emotional chaos. If the Heart's Haven angels really are there, what in the world are they thinking?

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by Delia Latham
​Book 16

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Book 13


Book 14


Book 15


Love in the WINGS, Book 12

​​Church secretary and praise team leader Aria Robbins isn't happy when she  has to work with the new youth minister. She also has to grin and bear it when he moves into the cottage next to hers at Heart's Haven...but she doesn't have to like him. Truth is, she'd be much happier if Corbin Bishop would take his charm and his big, fancy ideas right back to Austin where he belongs.
When a spiritual attack on Angel Falls lands Aria and Corbin on the battlefront as part of a team of prayer Warriors in God's Service (WINGS), they must fight for their town, their church, and their pastor, and Aria sees Corbin in a whole new light. But emotional scars from an unspeakable childhood have distorted Corbin's acceptance of certain Scriptural truths, and Aria won't trust her heart in the hands of a man whose faith is unsure. Aria wraps her prayer wings around him tightly. Will Corbin finally trust God to heal his soul?

​Some battles can only be won in a prayer room. Can love be won there too?
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​by Delia Latham

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​Book 10

​Book 9



Lexi's Heart, Book 5

Forty-three-year-old Lexi Carlisle’s abusive marriage ended three years ago. Deeply scarred by the experience, and helplessly watching her beloved mother succumb to Alzheimers, Lexi is devastated. After selling her fancy home, she rents a cottage in Heart’s Haven, a special place unlike any other. Slowly learning to live again, she despairs of ever delivering the message of love that burns within her heart for her ever-worsening mother. Mitch Gaynor, a handsome Christian author, reminds Lexi that with God all things are possible, planting within her battered and distrustful heart the seed of hope for a miracle. But can she open her fortressed heart to God? And is Mitch a part of His plans for her future?​​
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by Delia Latham

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​Book 8
by Marianne Evans

​Book 6

​Book 7
by  Tanya Stowe


Jewels for the Kingdom, Book 1

​Pia Peretti’s past could destroy her future. Thanks to her pre-Christian lifestyle, she can’t marry a believer, and she won’t marry a non-believer. Minister David Myers wants to help Pia release her guilt and trust that God has forgiven her...but the young minister is working through his own trial of faith. 

After a failed counseling session with a wounded soul, David's confidence is shaken. He accepts a new pastorate, and moves to Angel Falls to find a haven for his wounded heart. 

Is it possible these two hurting hearts are meant to mend each other’s brokenness with some divine intervention?
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by Delia Latham

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​Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Heading 3

Heading 3

Heading 3

Heading 3

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