1. $62.50
    Two-sides, 2 x 7 or 2 x 6 design.
    Bookmark Design
  2. $30.00
    One side, vertical or horizontal format (Add $10 for double-sided design)
    Business Card Design
  3. $85.00 (92.50 with double-sided business card)
    Includes both of the above items. Base price value $92.50 Base price value $102.50 with double-sided business card
    Bookmark/Business Card Package
  4. $110 (+ art)
    eBook Cover
    eBook Covers
  5. $150 (+ art)
    Full flat (front, spine, and back)
    Print Covers
  6. $240 (+ art)
    Front cover in various sizes Full flat (front, spine, and back) for print
    eBook and Print Cover Combo
  7. $62.50
    Standard (5.47 x 4.21) (for mailing) Medium (4 x 6) Large (7 x 5) Oversized (5.5 x 8.5)
  8. $52.50
    1. Logo for business, branding, etc. 2. Logo for email signature
    Basic Logo Design
  9. $52.50
    1/4 page or 1/2 page for print or online
  10. $30.00 ea. or 3 for $80.00
    Using your cover art, and book quotes you provide.
    Book Memes
  11. Starting at $3.00/page
    Includes basic proofreading, plus suggestions on flow, tightening, scene transitions, and plot holes.
  12. See below
    In-depth look at your first 3 chapters, with a focus on flow, cohesiveness, structure, plot holes, wordiness, formatting...and so much more. Notes in the margins of every page. Honest and constructive, but never unkind.
  13. $600 and up
    Basic Set-up of up to 6 web pages. Maintenance available for a fee, based on the complexity and anticipated frequency of updates/changes. Price includes my services only. Domain names, hosting fees etc. are your responsibility, and paid to the appropriate entities.
    Website Design/ Set-up
  14. Starting at $3.00/page
    One line at a time scrutiny, watching for spelling errors, typos, capitalization, punctuation, basic grammar, spacing, etc. Line edits should be done after comprehensive copyediting, and just prior to a final proofreading.
    Line Editing
  15. $80: Up to 150 formatted pages $115: 101 to 350 formatted pages $150: 351 to 500 formatted pages
    Format only. Does not include proofread or edit.
    eBook Format
  16. $115: Up to 150 formatted pages $150: 151 to 350 formatted pages $175 : 351 to 500 formatted pages
    Format only. Does not include proofread/edit, etc.
    Print Book format (includes upload to CreateSpace or Amazon KDP)

Please see notes below the chart for specific information regarding various project details.

Projects with overall costs upwards of $100  will require a 50% non-refundable fee prior to beginning the project, with the remainder due upon delivery of the finished project to the customer.


Revisions: Two design choices will be provided for book covers. List prices include TWO REVISIONS to chosen design, after which a $3.00 fee will be charged for each additional revision.

Art:  (Photos are rarely more than $5 - $10 each, and the price will be discussed with the customer before purchase.)

PRINTERS: Heaven's Touch Designs is not a printing company! We design according to specifications laid out by for most items. Business cards are designed according to VistaPrint specs.  If you plan to use a printer other than those mentioned, PLEASE SAY SO BEFORE WE BEGIN DESIGNING, as we'll need to follow your printer's specifications. Resizing AFTER the design will mean an additional fee, as it often entails a complete reworking of the contents.


First 10 Pages:  $65
First 50 Pages: $275
Partial Manuscript:
1-100 pages: $4.00 per page
101-200 pages: $3.50 per page

Full Manuscript: $3.00 per page (minimum 201 pages)

A complimentary sample edit  (3 double-spaced pages, or 750 words) will give you a sample of my editing style, and help me get a feel for project fee and turnaround time.

I use Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature. If you're not familiar with it, please take time to become comfortable and familiar with its features. You'll need to know your way around Track Changes with almost any editor you work with. I do not provide hard copy edits. 

Formatting: Please double space your manuscript, use 12-point Times New Roman font, and set margins to 1-inch all around. My fees are based on this formatting schedule. Deviating could result in a fee increase, as these measurements provide a basis for accurate word count estimation.


We do not proofread, edit, or critique erotica or overly "steamy" manuscripts, nor any kind of highly graphic sex, violence, etc.  We reserve the right to refuse service to any client for any reason.


​​Please send an email with any questions or to initiate a service.
If you're interested in manuscript services and would like to see a sample of our work, please attach up to three pages of your manuscript. In the body of the e-mail, please answer the following questions:
Which editing service do you need?
What is your genre? (i.e., Romance, Science Fiction, Mystery, Self-Help, Auto-biography)
What is your manuscript about? (Two or three sentences is explanation enough.)
What is your manuscript length?
Who is your intended audience? (i.e., Women, Men, Young Adults, Children, Business Officials, Christian Community, etc.)I